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Welcome to our Tree

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NenlüTea was founded in 2010 in Chongqing, China by an aspiring couple from Seattle in hopes of ushering in a new modern era of tea consumption.  The brand, which translates to “Fresh Green”, was meticulously designed to appeal to a younger, trendier and more health conscious generation of consumers. Serving up a rich menu of artisan tea beverages, famous chewy waffles, bakeries and light foods our menu is readily prepared to delight.

As the leading regional premier tea cafe brand, NenlüTea is now expanding into new markets and opening up opportunities for aspiring partners. Learn about our Partner Program and join us in our vision to expand this remarkable brand.

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The name Pandora, Πανδώρα in Greek, is commonly acknowledged to mean “all gifted”. So what is Pandora’s Secret? Visit one of our venues and find out.

Coffee Milk Tea

Who ever said coffee and tea can't be friends? Enjoy our signature coffee milk tea tastefully served in a classic whiskey decanter, together.

Soft Tofu

With an origin story sprouting from Sichuan, a region rich with Asian culinary heritage, we figured why not? Let us couple our coffee milk tea with a choice of peanut or sesame hinted soft tofu for a one of a kind pairing. Pure bliss.


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It may look like a waffle, it may smell like a waffle, but this is not your run of the mill waffle. This signature creation aims to surprise with a crisp aromatic crust and a chewy delightful center.  A mouth watering obsession you won’t soon forget.

Not Your Ordinary Waffle

Straight from our own central bakery we hand produce our original waffle dough recipe. Come see why our waffle is consistently ranked #1 in our region.

Made Fresh

We believe in our food craft so our waffles are baked on site. Fresh. Delicious. Irresistible.

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Call us at 400 001 4805 (China)

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