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From a small three table hot pot restaurant in Chongqing to a leading pioneer with a culinary heritage dating back to 1982, Pelian is here to link you to opportunities that will give you the edge. Armed with a network of leading professionals and decades of collective experience in all areas of restaurant and brand development, we are uniquely qualified to provide a number of unparalleled products and services.

We are passionate about the products we create and committed to the success of our partners. They say you have to taste a culture to understand it, and that is our mission.

Connecting people through taste.

Brand Development

We are experts at developing and incubating brands with high consumer impact and viable market positioning. By applying modern development principles in the ideation, development and deployment cycles we boast higher success rates and a competitive product market fit. Our growth partners and brand ambassadors invest with the knowledge that they are working with market proven brands and customer hardened products and services.

Design & Deployment

After decades of deploying units across vastly different markets, we’ve seen just about everything. Our in house ability to deeply integrate design and functionality and iterate systematic improvements allows for our operators to focus on the customer and quality. Growth and channel partners also benefit from the support of a team of highly skilled professionals to navigate the complex issues and ensure successful deployments.

Operations & Marketing

Becoming a partner is not just access to a portfolio of phenomenal brands but a host of operational insights and marketing knowledge. Learn more about our coop profit sharing operational model and view our marketing section to see previous and upcoming the campaigns. As proficient operators, we know how critical it is to capture the mind share of the consumer and ensure an excellent customer experience and we can help.

Making a Difference

Our Stakeholders

Wei Jia Liao

NenluTea Co-Founder

Joseph Ashizawa

NenluTea Co-Founder

Miao Qin

Domking CEO

Nicky Tang

Operations Director

Liao Chang Guang

Cygnet Group Chairman & CEO

He Yong Zhi

Cygnet Group President

You have to taste a culture

to understand it.

As part of our mission to connect people through taste, we want to ensure that we are able to connect with you! We go to work everyday to craft meaningful connections that change lives and to make our positive mark on the world. We know each of those connections start with a “hello”.

Hello. We are Pelian.

We try to answer as many of your questions through our website and social media, but we know we haven’t been able to get to them all.  Get in touch with us through the contact form or e-mail us at info@pelian.com