Enjoy Minx, our latest smart cafè & bakery concept to join our brand portfolio. Painstakingly designed from the bottom up for the modern professional in need of their daily recharge. Tea. Coffee. Bakery. Delivered in less than 20 minutes. Are you ready to Minx?

Simple. Convenient. Delightful.

Bringing the best. Delivered in just 20 minutes.


Time is important. You are busy and we know that. Minx was designed specifically to make your life easier. Convenience at the touch of a finger.


Our journey started in 1982, and we have been innovating ever since. Experience the difference for yourself.


At Minx we focus on essentials. The things you need everyday, day in and day out. Simple menu. Simple life. It just works.


Give yourself a break. Get recharged. Let us take care of the rest.

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Become a Partner

Succeeding at a venture is tough, we know, we’ve been at it since 1982. So why go at it alone? For the first time in 35 years we are chartering our very first partner program, an opportunity for you to join us in developing an impressive brand portfolio and to tap into a network with decades of restaurateur experience. Globally recognized brands. A world class team.

Brand Portfolio

The Concepts

To us a brand is not just a logo or a mission, it’s a symbol, a promise to deliver an exceptional experience to our consumers and partners. Each brand in our portfolio is a culmination of decades of restaurateur knowledge in all areas of development, positioning, design, management, training, technology, marketing and more.

In a world that is saturated with an abundance of choice, the landscape is more competitive than ever. Our ability to appropriately position product lines, craft quality consumer experiences, rapidly evolve with ever changing consumer preferences all while delivering exceptional support developing markets is what makes us the leading food & beverage brand development company in our region.

Our Brand Culture

Get a taste of our brands and our culture.

NenlüTea 0:45

A classy brand with a lush assortment of tea beverages and waffles to indulge yourself over a leisurely afternoon.

Superchow 2:35

Battle through a bowl of noodles and dumplings with this twist on some Asian staples.